The Wyunna B Testimonials

  • The Wyunna B

    Lucas & Peta B.

    “It was just by chance that we stumbled across Classic through their website,”
    Lucas explains. “Ultimately, when we decided to build a new home, we didn’t want a ‘McMansion’, but a new home that was sympathetic with the area and also had some unique qualities in appearance
    and functionality. And, thanks to Classic, that’s exactly what we got.”
    “When we first met with one of the designers, we were really impressed from the very beginning — they were very accommodating without being pushy and didn’t try to pressure us into signing a contract right from the start,” Lucas tells us.
    “They came to look at the block, showed us the portfolio of designs and knew what they were talking about, so it was easy for Peta and I to become comfortable with the work Classic has done in the past and the whole building process.”
    “Ultimately, Peta and I wanted a home that was as simple as possible,” Lucas reveals. “We didn’t want a lot of living spaces — just one main living and dining area that created a really good central energy point in the house and flowed out to the backyard.
    “Because we have a north-facing block, Peta and I also wanted to maximise the amount of natural light in the house, which is good for energy efficiency as well as comfort inside the home,” Lucas elaborates.
    “We also have great views of the valley from our property, so we wanted to utilise features that would take advantage of the view without compromising our neighbour’s privacy.”
    “Our block is pretty unique as the land has a very steep gradient and slopes into the left corner, so it’s not very functional,” Lucas explains. “We’ve also got an old waterfall in the backyard and bushy cliffs, which made the site difficult to work with.”
    "The team from Classic were a dream to work with from start to finish. We thought they were exceptional. The whole process was quite pressure-free and not stressful at all,” Lucas says. “They kept us appraised, met our expectations and were really flexible when it came to making decisions about building materials.” Lucas adds: “All the tradespeople were highly
    professional and worked well together. They also had respect for us and our home throughout the process.”
    So would the couple recommend Classic to others thinking of building their dream home? “Without a doubt!” Lucas exclaims. “Essentially, it really comes down to the fact that they stand behind their product, take a lot of pride in what they do and offer great customer care. We really couldn’t be happier.”