The Balgowlah Testimonials

  • The Balgowlah

    Matt & Michelle B.

    “We always had our heart set on building a timber home with more of a country and coastal style. There is another Classic built home in our street and we also went in a couple of the houses they had built that went up for sale in our area. We both have very similar tastes and we loved the style of home that Classic builds,” they explain.
    “When we had the original home on the property we installed our pool and landscaped our backyard a year or more before doing the house, so we designed the pool area with the new home in mind. I designed and built a poolside beach house that was a sample of the materials and colours of what we wanted the new home to look like. This little beach house was the inspiration behind the design of the home,” says Michelle, an interior designer at Mish Designs (
    “Classic was able to take our brief and improve on it and add their signature features to make it even better, as well as offering the environmentally friendly aspects to leverage on the heating and cooling benefits etc,” Michelle explains.
    “While our home has the Classic signature elements incorporated into the external appearance, our floor plan is unique to us. Nearly our entire upstairs storey is a large, open-plan parent’s retreat which is the focal point to the house. Storage was a major priority for us as the original house had none. Nearly every room has built in cabinetry that has been designed and made for this house.”
    "The team from Classic were great to work with from start to finish. We are extremely happy with our home. You hear many stories about problems people have experienced with their builders and during construction, however, we didn’t experience any of these. It is better than we expected. We couldn’t wait to move in and start enjoying it. We are so happy and we are now enjoying what we set out to achieve — which was a family home that we can stay in for 20 years. We can see that the design we have created with the kids downstairs and parents retreat upstairs is going to be perfect for this.”
    “We have recommended Classic to lots of people. In fact, we have already spoken with Classic about building an investment property.”