Environmental Features

  • Environmental Credentials

    Environmental Credentials

    Classic homes utilize passive solar elements, high levels of insulation, breeze paths and smart orientation to allow owners to warm and cool their homes with minimal energy consumption. Our homes also have low embodied energy, being mainly built from sustainably managed plantation timber which continues to store carbon long after the tree is felled. Visually, Classic homes are designed to sit easily and unobtrusively within the surrounding landscape, combining modern conveniences with...

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  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    In addition to the passive thermal comfort elements incorporated into a design, providing adequate levels of insulation throughout the home, orientation, exposure to cooling breezes is paramount, with the internal floor plan layout designed to allow multiple breeze paths through the building as well as establish zoning between living areas and bedrooms. Window and door placement to avoid summer heat gains, effective shading and channeling of breezes via landscaping, and roof and wall colours...

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